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Cocktail Event


CentiLinx Consulting can add value to your events and programs – large and small – by managing every detail from start to finish. As an extension of your team, CentiLinx Consulting can relieve over-stretched employees from the burden of planning and managing critical initiatives to ensure your event goals are met. 

With extensive experience in planning and executing galas, conferences, workshops and numerous fundraising events; no matter the occasion, CentiLinx Consulting will ensure it exceeds your expectations within your budget. 



Volunteers are the backbone of most non-profit organizations. CentiLinx Consulting understands the nuances of how non-profits operate and how critical a volunteer program can be to the organization's bottom line, reputation and branding. Volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition are essential to any volunteer program, and CentiLinx Consulting can assist to develop these initiatives within your organization's volunteer program.

In the private sector, creating a successful employee engagement program through volunteering is an excellent approach to motivate employees while improving your community. CentiLinx Consulting can assist in the creation of a unique volunteer program for your employees.

Donating Money


CentiLinx Consulting recognizes that your fund development initiatives are integral to your non-profit development strategy.

By learning as much as possible about your organization first, CentiLinx Consulting can assess your unique funding challenges and goals, the feasibility of proceeding with a campaign, and the scope and nature of the campaign best suited to meet your goals to advance your organization's mission.


Giving a Presentation


Every organization should have clear strategic goals and an efficient operational model in place to ensure profitability. CentiLinx Consulting can give a fresh perspective by evaluating your organization's operations and provide recommendations for efficiency and improvement as your organization's operations must align with the organization's strategic goals to ensure maximum efficiency.

CentiLinx Consulting can collaborate with your team to organize a clear vision of the future and create a plan to get there. 



Consider CentiLinx Consulting an extension of your current team. With a variety of experiences and adaptable skills; achieving and exceeding your goals will be CentiLinx Consulting's mission. Some other services include:

  • Community/ Stakeholder Engagement;

  • Project and Campaign Evaluations;

  • Facilitated leadership and group workshops to break down barriers, strengthen communication channels and develop/plan strategic priorities;

  • Engaging and motivating employees and volunteers; and

  • Change management.


Please inquire below to determine how CentiLinx Consulting can support the needs of your organization or upcoming initiatives.

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